Welcome to Healing Hearts Ranch. The ranch is known for helping troubled horses and whatnot. The setting is Bailey, MT a town set about halfway between Helena and Butte. With a population of only 600 Bailey is a small town. Here it is all about ranching and mining. Horses are being stolen and mistreated and creating a lot of work for the police force and the family that owns Healing Hearts Ranch. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask an admin directly via PM or post in the feedback forum.

April 2018
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i grew up in a small town

Town Hall

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This is where you will find all the information about the site. Things like the plot and the rules. You will even find the member groups here and what not.
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Bailey News

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Anything we think you should know will be posted here. That will include notices about events that are going to happen and anything else we think you should know.
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Moderation Ect.

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Do you have a suggestion or comment about the site? Need a character archived or some kind of thread moderation? Posted an open thread? Well then this is the forum for you. All moderation requests and all things feedback related happen here.
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wheatfields for a downtown kinda place

Application Central

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When you are making a character this is where you need to post your app. Title your app LAST, FIRST MIDDLE. We will edit it to match that format if you don't do that.
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Town Records

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When your app is accepted it will be moved here to the sub forum that matches your member group. All sub forums here are sorted alphabetically.
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Sign Ups

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Any and all sign ups will be found here. That includes the face claim and who's who. You will also find birthday and club/sports sign ups. Guests can post here if they want to reserve a face before they join.
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there really wasn't much around

Shippers & Plotting

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This is where all shippers will go in a very special sub forum that matches the member group. Just make sure you post your shipper in the right group. You have the option to have all your character's shippers in one thread if you have more than one character or plan on making more you can post in the group sub forum.
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Wanted Ads

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Got a really awesome plot that needs some more characters? Well then this is the place to request those those characters. Just make sure you post in the right forum for what you are requesting. Guests can reply here.
last post by kara in close circle on Jun 13 2018, 10:37 PM.

Employment Ads

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Does your character own a business and need employees? Do they work somewhere that needs employees? Well then this is the right forum for that. Post here with what the business is looking for and someone might be interested in having their character fill that spot.
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Want a place to develop your characters some more? Well then this forum is the place for that. You can post behind the scenes stuff here as well as a thread tracker and whatever else you want to use to develop your character. To get a sub forum with your name on it please ask an admin and we will make you one.
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Subforums: Kara, Kat
you blink and you miss it

Instant Messaging

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Cell Phones

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Social Networking

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i never knew what life could bring

Anderson Way

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Cedar Villas

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Country Lane

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last post by lux cameron in All Work and No Play on Mar 10 2018, 09:22 PM.

Countryside Acres

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last post by maxwell keegan in Working for a break on May 28 2018, 11:27 AM.

Sutherland Heights

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but i always had big dreams

North End

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last post by jonathan wyatt in morning coffee time on May 28 2018, 08:54 PM.

West End

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last post by kaitlyn ryan in killing time on May 28 2018, 08:57 PM.

Around Town

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Everything Else

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that's where i come from

Out of Town

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Through Time

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that's who i am

OOC Area

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This is the place to post all things out of character. We have a sub forum for away notices. If your thread doesn't fit into there you can just post it in this main forum.
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Subforums: Away Notices

Town Dump

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This is where all the finished and inactive threads go. Inactive apps and things will also be moved here. Finished and inactive wanted ads will also be moved here.
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Ads & Affiliation

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This is where you will advertise your sites and where sites that we have advertised on will link back. There is a First Link forum and a Link Back forum. This is also where you can request to affiliate. Please do not advertise if you are requesting affiliation.
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